Rare sculpture of Jesus Christ worth $7,500 stolen from Indiana art gallery

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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. – It’s a high-dollar heist, right off Zionsville’s Main Street. A Thomas Kinkade gallery owner said someone stole a bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ right out of her shop.

The sculpture is a collector’s item and estimated to be worth $7,500. The bronze version is a rare item. Only thirty of that kind were ever crafted by Kinkade.

Inside the Zionsville gallery, there isn’t much cheer as we approach the holidays.

“What sort of person would steal Christ? That’s how I felt,” said Barbara Jennings, the owner.

Jennings said the past weekend was busy, with Small Business Saturday and the Zionsville parade. She said there’s no telling how many people came through her doors, looked at the paintings, and spent time in her shop.

“We were maybe so busy, we weren’t always attentive to every person who was in the gallery at all times,” she said.

Jennings suspects the theft happened sometime Saturday, as someone swiped a twenty pound sculpture of Jesus Christ off a show table. Her staff didn’t notice until Tuesday.

“I walked in the room where the sculpture was, and there’s an empty space,” said Rhonda Crawshaw, gallery manager.

Thomas Kinkade crafted thirty bronze “Prince of Peace” sculptures, starting in 2006. The one snatched from Zionsville was number eight, according to Jennings.

She said it was a show piece for the gallery, and she is troubled by the theft.

“You get punched in the gut, that sort of feeling,” she said, “It’s hard to describe.”

The crook didn’t touch a praying hands sculpture nearby. Cameras inside the business were not shooting in the direction of the sculpture, either.

Jennings said she’s adding more security and hopes the sculpture will turn up, though she and her staff have lost more than a pricey piece of art. Their security is gone, along with some of their trust.

“It’s disappointing that somebody would come in and steal a sculpture of Christ,” said Crawshaw.

Jennings filed a police report. Zionsville Police told FOX59 they are investigating, but they have no leads.

Police also reported the sculpture as they would any other piece of stolen property, so if someone tried to pawn it, then authorities will know.

Jennings said she alerted gallery owners across the country in case someone tries to sell it back.

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