RAW VIDEO | ‘He just spoke his mind’: Friend remembers Officer Renn

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(July 11, 2014) – Officer Perry Renn always spoke his mind.

Officer Jeff Krider should know–he worked with Renn for years.

Krider said he wanted his words to be perfect during Friday’s funeral but knew that couldn’t be the case. He strove for simple instead.

“Beneath that sometimes gruff exterior was a man who loved his family, his neighbors, his dogs and pretty much every other thing that walked on four legs on the Earth,” Krider recalled.

Krider said he and others have shared stories that have made them laugh and cry since Renn’s death. He spoke of one-eyed pirates, a raccoon and a mauve leisure suit. He said Renn fed every stray animal that crossed his path–despite Krider’s warnings that he would get rabies.

Renn wrote all of his incident reports by hand instead of typing them on the computer, Krider said.

“The most beautiful thing about Perry was that he had no filter. He simply told you what he thought, and it didn’t matter if he was talking to the chief at 2 a.m. in Broad Ripple or his mom,” Krider recalled.

Krider said Renn knew there was only one way to do things: “the right way.” Krider remembered one evaluation in which Renn was knocked for “being too nice.”

Krider said he tried to convince Renn to join him when he switched to a day shift, but Renn wouldn’t do it.

“Deep down, we all wish we could be more like him…and get away with it. He was never mean-spirited…he just spoke his mind,” Krider said of the officer.

“Godspeed, my friend.”

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