Ready or not, Hoosiers turn to winter mindset

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INDIANAPOLIS – Just the chance of the snow in the air is making a lot of Hoosiers cringe, because it means it’s time to start preparing for winter.

If the thought of snow banks and plows on the roads has you running for the hills, you’re not the only one.

“Well, you know, I’d rather be in Florida,” driver Phil Brown said.

Jokes aside, Brown and others Hoosiers said this week they’d started to prepare for the inevitable change in weather.

“I’ve been through a lot of winters in Indiana so (I know) it’s about that time,” resident Jan Smith said.

Since it is about that time, the Indiana Department of Transportation told Fox 59 it’s ready. Trucks are prepped and inspected, plus there’s a call out for 25 new seasonal employees, to be hired in the next few weeks.

The same goes for the city of Indianapolis, where salt is stocked, some of it already placed in truck beds.

“We have seven (salt barns) across the county. They’re all stocked (and) right now we’re sitting on about 14,000 tons of salt,” said Lesley Malone with the Department of Public Works.

At Fusek’s True Value downtown, the shift was really clear. Potting soil was still on the shelves, just feet away from ice scrapers stocked Tuesday.

“Usually by the first week of November, we like to have everything set in place,” manager Mike Gunning said.

Road crews said that everything should be fine for drivers, given forecasts for minimal, if any snow.

Still, as Hoosiers get ready for the inevitable ups and downs Indiana weather brings, the chill is settling in.

“I broke out my jeans with the flannel lining in them today, so yes, I’m ready,” Brown joked.

To apply for INDOT seasonal positions, applications must be in by November 7th. You can view openings and apply here.

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