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INDIANAPOLIS — Excitement is taking off as many look to get away as spring break and summer inch closer.

“We’re getting more requests for quotes today than we have, of course, naturally, in two years,” said Alex Kutin, owner of Travel Leaders Indy.

Right now, Kutin says he has clients already booking ahead for Christmas.

Meanwhile, airports, like Indianapolis International, are preparing for a high-volume of passengers in the coming days.

“There’s two years of pinned up demand,” said Kutin.

As demand recovers from the Omicron surge, travel site, Hopper predicts an average 7% monthly increase to domestic airfare until June. That’s with round-trip flights peaking upwards of $300.

However, that’s not the only thing looking to add to rising airfare.

Jet fuel is one of the biggest expenses for airlines, and it’s also soaring as oil prices increase. However, it may take a little time before travelers actually feel that impact.

“There is a little bit of a lag in the sense that airlines usually buy jet fuel in advance in the market for oil futures contracts,” said Nikos Zirogiannis, O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University-Bloomington. “So we have seen jet fuel prices increase, but there is a bit of a cushion since those prices have already been locked in.”

“If we see those increased oil prices persist for several months, we’ll probably see further increases in the price of jet fuel, which will result in increases in price of airline tickets as well,” he added.

Regardless where you’re going, the same rules apply, experts urge travelers to plan ahead to get the best bang for their buck.

“Quite candidly, if you want to go anywhere for the rest of this year, you need to book now,” Kutin said.

To help save money, Kutin says most airlines allow passengers to book flights as far out as 10 months in advance.

“Everyone, with the exception of Southwest, has their prices out there, right now, for up to 10 months,” he said. “You’ll buy the airline seats, airfare, cheaper today than what you will, say, from six months from now.”

Another way to save, Kutin says, is considering a travel agent.

“They will make a package out of the airfare and the hotel, and then maybe get you some additional goodies in there too,” said Kutin, “and remember too that when things go wrong, the internet can not fix it for you!”