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UPDATE (June 28, 2019)– Larry Spivey was sentenced to 45 years in jail with 545 days of jail credit and 182 days of good time credit.

UPDATE (Dec. 25, 2017): A 24-year-old man was arrested in connection with fatally shooting a 50-year-old man on Dec. 20.

Larry Spivey was arrested in Chicago Friday on a charge of murder in the death of Albert Ford, who was found deceased on a sidewalk near 42nd and Mitthoeffer.

The fatal shooting marked the year’s 151st criminal homicide, passing last year’s record of 150.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — It’s official. Indianapolis has broken a record no one wanted.

A fatal shooting Wednesday near 42nd and Mitthoeffer marked the year’s 151st criminal homicide, passing last year’s record of 150. The shooting at the apartment complex on Newburgh Drive marked the fourth homicide within just a few blocks of 42nd and Mitthoeffer this year.

The latest victim, 50-year-old Albert Ford, was shot dead on the sidewalk.

“It just put chills in me thinking, ‘not another one,'” said Tina Bradley.

Bradley didn’t know Ford, but less than a month ago overnight on Thanksgiving, her nephew Jamontez Woods was gunned down in an adjacent apartment complex. The 24-year-old man was a father-to-be.

“I still feel hurt,” said Bradley. “My nephew is getting ready to have a baby in February. It’s on the way. He ain’t going to be able to see his child.”

One week after Woods’ murder, police were again called to the area after several car windows were shot out in the same complex.

In fact, the first homicide of 2017 also took place on Newburgh Drive, although that case was ruled a tragic accident in which 5-year-old D’Asia Turentine was shot in the head by mistake.

“People are scared to go to their own house. Young ladies and babies, it don’t make sense,” said Bradley.

“I’ve been out here over 20 years. I’ve seen crime go up and seen it go down. One of the problems is sustained effort,” said Rev. James Jackson with Fervent Prayer Church.

Pastor Jackson, whose church sits just behind the apartments on 42nd, is now partnering with the Ten Point Coalition to stop the violence. With the help of funding from the AG’s office, Ten Point will begin street patrols in the troubled area bordered by Post and Mitthoeffer between 38th and 42nd next year.

“I talked to people in the community. They’re glad the Ten Point model is being implemented on the far east side,” said Jackson. “We’re very interested in making sure this is successful.”

“It’s time to get the murderers off the streets. It’s time to solve this problem. We should be living in peace and not be afraid,” said Bradley.

The case on Thanksgiving and the shooting on Wednesday both remain unsolved. Anyone with information on either case is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.