Records reveal criminal past of man who shot, killed IMPD officer

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Court documents and police reports reveal a criminal history dating back to 2009 for the man who mortally wounded an Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer early Friday morning.

Steven Byrdo, 24, shot and killed Officer Rod Bradway, who was responding to a domestic dispute 911 call. Byrdo was armed with two guns, according to authorities. A second officer, who arrived on scene within minutes, returned fire killing, Byrdo.

Police said Byrdo held his ex-girlfriend hostage. An infant was inside the northwest side apartment when the shootout took place. Authorities said Byrdo hid behind a door until Bradway made entry into the apartment.

“Officer Bradway obviously felt like he had no choice but to go in and rescue this woman, and regardless of the consequences in his own mind, he did the right thing. It’s just tragic the way it ended,” said Lt. Chris Bailey with IMPD.

People inside a home that was listed as the convicted felon’s last known address would not speak with Fox 59, but police reports and court documents detail his history with police.

Byrdo had a run-in at a Denny’s restaurant in 2009. He was allegedly drunk, and screaming profanities as he stood on his chair. Then, a police report reveals he threw a steak knife across the room and nearly hit several people.

Later that year, a woman who was described as his girlfriend claims he “grabbed her and threw her down on the ground” after she had gotten out of his car.

His criminal record also reveals he had been found with a handgun even though he did not have a permit.

Other charges include dealing and possession of marijuana and crack-cocaine and driving on a suspended license.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office tells Fox 59 the drug charges in 2012 did not stick because a co-defendant pleaded guilty.

Byrdo was released from prison in June of this year. He had violated his probation at least once.

“It’s easy for everybody to go back and play the ‘what if’s game.’ You can play ‘what if’ all day long. The bottom line is a hero responded to a run tonight. He gave his life protecting the city, and another hero stopped this guy from doing any more harm to our city,” Bailey said.

Investigators will be looking into how the convicted felon got the weapons.

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