Recovered Hoosiers sharing fight against COVID-19


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Hoosiers who have recovered from COVID-19 are sharing their fight against the virus. On Friday morning, Indiana reported more than 100 deaths so far.

More than 3,400 Hoosiers have tested positive for coronavirus and many of them have now recovered.

David Riggins, a superior court judge in Shelby County, is one of them.

During a trip to Florida to visit family, he became ill. He and his wife decided to cut the vacation short and came back home to Indiana.

Judge Riggins is also a volunteer firefighter so he was able to get tested at Eli Lilly. He said his results came back positive.

“There is really nothing typical about it,” he said. “I think it’s kind of a wheel of fortune, you know. Everyday you spin the wheel and it’s whatever symptom that day decides to give you.”

While he was sick he had a fever and difficulty breathing. Now Judge Riggins explains he has not shown symptoms in five days and plans to return to work on Monday.

A firefighter in Carmel, who considers himself pretty healthy, has had a very different battle with COVID-19.

Kevin Young was not getting better for more than a week.

“At night it would go up to 103.5 or closer to 104,” he said. “Symptoms always seemed to get a lot worse for me at night.”

Young said he began showing symptoms on March 19th and he was tested for coronavirus on March 20th. His results also came back positive.

He eventually went to the hospital a week later and claims doctors also diagnosed him with pneumonia. The 40-year-old was in the hospital for three days.

“I have a home pulse oximeter that monitors my oxygen levels and I am still running lower than normal,” he said.

Young is still recovering two weeks after he tested positive. He does not think he will return to work for at least another week.

On Friday, a spokesperson for the Carmel Fire Department said seven firefighters have tested positive.

Young wants everyone to practice social distancing.

“I had all the equipment, the protective equipment, the gowns, the masks, the gloves and I still caught it,” he explained.

Others on the front lines are already back at work after recovering. Katrina Berglund is a registered nurse at St. Vincent.

Despite having mild symptoms, she wants everyone to take this seriously because it can infect anyone.

“I had a patient who was in her 30s and she was extremely sick and had to get admitted,” she said.

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