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INDIANAPOLIS — The Red Cross is responding after power reportedly went out at apartments on Indy’s near north side.

Residents said the power went out at the Meridian Apartments at Meridian and 36th streets around 8 a.m. Thursday.

An IMPD spokesperson said residents were found sleeping in the hallway. They said residents were told by AES Indiana (formerly IPL) that the power outage was not an AES issue. AES reportedly told them the apartments’ entire circuit box would need to be redone by an electrician.

Residents told police they tried to contact Meridian Apartments’ maintenance, but no one was sent.

The Red Cross has confirmed it is providing assistance by giving blankets, snacks, and water to affected residents.

IndyGo is also helping by providing two buses to keep residents warm.

The Salvation Army, Indy Parks, and IPS is assisting the Red Cross in relocating residents to the JTV Hill Center.

As of 7 a.m. Friday, power has been partially restored, but an electrician is working to restore full power to the complex.

Friday afternoon, the complex’s development company, TWG, released the following statement:

Yesterday, TWG was informed that there had been a power outage at The Meridian apartments near Meridian and 36th. We promptly contacted AES Indiana, formerly Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL), informing them about the issue. Once AES Indiana arrived, they worked throughout the evening and into early Friday morning and determined it was a broken fuse. After repairing the fuse, AES Indiana then discovered that there was an problem with the entire breaker at The Meridian and additional support and parts were required.

At this time, AES Indiana has installed the additional parts needed to address the power outage, and power has been reinstalled in all but 15 units to avoid another outage due to the current state of the breakers. Our property manager, the fire marshal, and electrician are working together to determine the next steps for these remaining 15 units. 

We are thankful to AES Indiana for addressing this issue as promptly as possible, and for IndyGo, The Salvation Army, Indy Parks, and other organizations who assisted us in finding a warm place for residents as the repairs occurred. We are committed to our residents and apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused our community at The Meridian.


From AES Indiana:

AES Indiana responded to a power outage that affected the Meridian and 36th Street apartments on the morning of Thursday, January 6. Power was restored quickly and safely to the circuit that impacted this location. AES Indiana was called back to the site later in the day on January 6, and notified the customer of an internal issue discovered with the facilities main breaker, not a transformer as previously reported. AES Indiana crews were called out two other times on January 7 to support the apartment’s electricians request to disconnect service to the facility and unlock meters so internal equipment issues could be addressed.  While this issue is internal and not the responsibility of AES Indiana, we have revisited the site multiple times, to assist including this morning.