Red Cross recognizes family for rescuing neighbors

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HAMILTON COUNTY (March 9, 2011) – Aubrey Peters says it’s still hard to talk about last winter.

“I don’t really think of myself as a hero because I don’t usually call myself that. I think it’s good that I was there because the girls are still here,” she said.

The Greater Indianapolis Red Cross believes Aubrey is a hero, for taking action last winter when she was walking near the Morse Reservoir and saw her two neighbors, 4-year-old Sydney and 7-year-old Jessica in the icy water.

Aubrey called 911. Her grandfather grabbed a pole and rope and Aubrey helped Jessica out of the water. Sydney had gone all the way under. Aubrey’s grandmother Joyce went in to get her, and they did 12 minutes of CPR before she started breathing again.

The girls recovered and now Aubrey babysits Jessica and Sydney. She had actually taken a Red Cross babysitter training course just weeks before saving the girls from the water. She says what she learned helped her react quickly.

“It’s good you want people to know to respond fast because you never want someone to be lost in a situation like that and it’s always good to kind of have a happy ending,” she said.

The Red Cross is handing out the Hall of Fame award to Aubrey and her grandparents.

“In today’s world, we want to share all the good news we can because it’s pretty rare and all the people who are being recognized here have a special story and we think it’s important to get that word out,” said Dave Scott, a Red Cross volunteer.

The Peters said the true honor and recognition comes from their neighbors who are now more like family, thankful for the little girls they saved.

“Their grandparents called from Florida immediately after and then all through that week thanking us, and also their older brother called us and thanked us for saving them,” said Joyce Peters.

Last year more than 72,000 people took training through the American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis. The organization hopes the Peters’ story will inspire others to take training or volunteer.

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