Referendums in Danville, Center Grove fail to pass


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Referendums for Danville and Center Grove schools failed to pass Tuesday night.

Danville Community schools proposed capital and operational referendums. The capital referendum would’ve been a $53 million renovation of school buildings. The operational referendum would’ve helped retain teachers and maintain transportation. Both failed by large margins, with 77% of voters against the capital referendum and 65% voting down the operational one.

Danville Superintendent Tracey Shafer lamented the results:

Danville Community Schools would like to thank everyone who voted in today’s election. Our community spoke decisively to not support the referenda, and we respect the outcome. The election gave every member of the Danville School district the opportunity to have a voice.

The referenda results will make education look different in our community, but we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing a quality education for Danville children. We hope for continued community involvement as we work to meet the needs of our children’s education.

Center Grove’s operating referendum also failed. Administrators had asked for $24.8 million to pay for additional safety and security measures throughout the school district. More than 64% of voters were against it.

Center Grove Superintendent Rich Arkanoff issued the following statement:

First, we would like to thank all of the volunteers who have worked diligently for months to raise funds and build support for this referendum. We appreciate their dedication to doing what is best for our students.

We thank our school board members for giving us the opportunity to ask our community to make this investment in the safety, security, and mental health and behavioral supports for our students. We also thank our community members who came out to vote in support of our students.

We will continue over the next 5-10 years to work into our budgets, as funding allows, the investments we have discussed as part of this referendum because they are what is best for our students.

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