Firefighters hope refurbished signs spur new leads in Spierer disappearance

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BLOOMINGTON – Firefighters don’t want the memory of Lauren Spierer to fade—and they’re hoping refurbished signs can provide new leads into her disappearance nearly two years ago.

“Driving around town, we noticed that some of the signage had deteriorated over time and just kind of got an idea, ‘Hey, maybe it’s time for some new signs.’ We notified the family and they were all for it,” said Lee Chapman with the Bloomington Fire Department.

With the blessing of the Spierer family, they’ve refurbished 20 signs asking for leads in the disappearance of the Indiana University student on June 3, 2011.

“If you look at the outpouring that comes whenever there is a revitalization because it almost gets to the point where at one point they almost lose hope. And to revitalize that there’s always some hope,” said Battalion Chief Steve Coover.

Spierer’s parents plan to return to Bloomington this summer. They won’t be there in early May when their daughter’s classmates graduate with their degrees.

The signs ask for tips and remind other young women that it could just as easily be their photo on the billboard.

“It’s a community risk reduction benefit for us that we wish we didn’t have to do, but yes, it’s (the signs raise) awareness that they take care of themselves,” Coover said.

Seven of the 20 refurbished billboards are up. The rest will go up after the Little 500 bike race later this month.

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