Register for Indiana’s ‘Do Not Call’ list by February 21 deadline

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana residents need to act fast if they want to stop unwanted calls from telemarketers.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill launched a new telephone privacy campaign aimed at protecting Hoosiers from phone scams called “Do Not Call/Do Not Answer.”

Residents have until Tuesday, February 21 to sign up for the “Do Not Call” registry through the Office of the Attorney General in order to avoid calls from telemarketers beginning April 1. You can also call 317-493-2349 to register.

Even if you’re registered on the “Do Not Call” list, it’s likely you’ll still receive some phone calls from random, unknown numbers. The easiest way to avoid dealing with those phone calls – whether it’s a telemarketer or someone trying to rip you off with a scam – is by simply ignoring the phone call, Hill said.

“’Do Not Call/Do Not Answer’ is an easy concept. Sign up for the Do Not Call list and lessen your chances of being contacted by a telemarketer. Then, if you still have unknown numbers calling, do not answer,” Hill said. “If you don’t know the number, just don’t answer.”

It is free to register for the “Do Not Call” list, and the service is available for residential land lines, wireless numbers, and prepaid wireless numbers.

You may register your information with the “Do Not Call” list at any time, but you will likely receive calls from telemarketers until the list is once again available to telemarketers. For example, if you miss the first registration deadline on February 21, you can still register the following day, however, your number won’t be on the “Do Not Call” list belonging to telemarketers until July 1.

This is why it’s important to register by February 21, ensuring your number will be on the list effective April 1, Hill said.

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