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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Laura McLinn is truly a remarkable woman.

She’ll represent central Indiana on the Mel Robbins Show.

Laura championed the “Right to Try” law in Indiana after one of her sons was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The law says if there’s an experimental treatment that exists and patients don’t qualify for a clinical trial and have no other way to access it, they should have the right to try it as long as it’s made it through the safety part of the FDA approval process.

After that bill passed in Indiana in 2015, she pursued it at the federal level. President Donald Trump signed the federal bill into law in 2018.

Her son, Jordan, is now 11 years old. He eventually made it into a clinical trial, but the law paved the way for other patients to pursue experimental treatments.

“He is remarkable,” Laura said of her son during Friday’s announcement on FOX59 Morning News.

McLinn will join 114 women to see the Mel Robbins Show in New York City, which will honor them as “Remarkable Women.” We received more than 400 entries for exceptional women in central Indiana.