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INDIANAPOLIS – With her boundless energy, you may not believe Dr. Jamia Jacobsen is 80 years old.

Four years ago, she founded American Behavioral Counseling, but her years of service before that make her truly remarkable.

Four years ago, after more than four decades of serving her community as a teacher and therapist, she founded American Behavioral Counseling. The group provides hands-on training for Indiana’s mental health and behavioral experts.

“One of the things I saw was we needed more outreach to the community, and we needed to train the students coming out to replace all of us who are older and ready to retire,” Jacobsen said.

You can find Jacobsen at one of the four counseling centers in Indy seven days a week, nurturing the minds of both the therapists she employs and the community she serves.

It’s not just the day-to-day [care]. It’s the long-term [care] for families and individuals,” she said.

Lakeisha Ayodele works for “Dr. J.” and nominated her as one of Central Indiana’s Remarkable Women.

“She creates opportunities not only for people to come in and get help, but for us to help people,” Ayodele said.

“I have a passion for therapy because I lost someone dear and close to me, and I felt like they needed someone to reach out to,” said Ayodele, who’s seen firsthand the impact Jacobsen has had on the community.

“Dr. Jacobsen, when she gets her hands on something, she doesn’t let it go,” she said. “And from what I’ve seen from her in the last year, even though we had so much adversity, she just kept going.”

Jacobsen said she was “truly honored” that someone from her own staff nominated her for the honor.

She has no intention of quitting any time soon—and says she and her team are just getting started in changing the lives of Hoosiers who need them.

“We are reaching so many people from so many different walks of life.”