Remembering Jaswinder Singh, one of the eight victims killed in the FedEx shooting

Indianapolis FedEx shooting

GREENWOOD, Ind. – Days after the horrific mass shooting at the FedEx facility, those who knew the victims best continue to tell their stories.

Jaswinder Singh was 68 years old. He was a father and a grandfather.

“We are going through a lot right now,” said Harjap Dhillon, a relative.

Singh was one of the eight victims killed during Thursday night’s shooting at the FedEx facility.

“We are all living here happily. This happened and shocked everyone. I think all communities not even mine,” said Dhillon.

Singh had just started working at the FedEx facility. He was on the job less than a week.

“That day this happened he was going to get his first paycheck; he was so excited,” said Dhillon.

Singh was inside the building when a gunman opened fire. Half of the victims killed were Sikh community members.

“When we go over there everyone was crying, four families from my communities,” said Dhillon.

Harjap Dhillon is related to Singh.  The two and other family members all lived close to one another and came to Indiana for a better life and a better future.

“Everyone is working hard, that’s why we moved here,” said Dhillon.

Now this grieving family is working to make sure Jaswinder’s sons can be here so they can say a final goodbye to their father.

“There are two sons in India and they need to come here one last time to see their dad for funeral and that’s what we’re trying right now,” said Dhillon.  

Dhillon tells us Singh loved taking walks and being around his family, including his two grandsons.

“He was very nice guy, gentle guy,” said Dhillon.

Dhillon tells us Singh always started and ended his day with a prayer. Now his family is left praying for peace.

“Love each other, that’s what I’m saying. We have to get together against this violence.”

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