Report: Twitter account links senior ISIS recruiter to Seattle woman

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LONDON (April 30, 2015) — One of the top recruiters for ISIS is reportedly a woman in her 20s from Seattle.

According to a report from Britain’s Channel 4 News, the woman advocated a “mass-emigration” to the Islamic State. She was previously known only by her Twitter account, @_UmmWaqqas, which had 8,000 followers before being shut down earlier this month. Channel 4 described her as one of the terror group’s most influential women. The Twitter account was also part of the ISIS “travel guidebook,” a collection of contacts to help new recruits travel to the Mideast.

Channel 4 reports that the woman behind the Twitter account is actually Rawdah Abdisalaam, formerly of Seattle. This claim could not be independently confirmed by Q13 FOX News, our sister station. The Twitter account was recently accessed from Seattle, although the woman has since moved away and her whereabouts are currently unknown. Friends confirmed her identity, Channel 4 said.

Abdisallaam allegedly spent her time online posting about pizza and the Denver Broncos while trying to recruit international support. As she became more radical over the years, the tweets about sports and Seattle stopped. She instead linked to extremist videos and texts.

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