Residents concerned about crumbling bridge in Bloomington

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BLOOMGINTON, Ind. — Some residents are concerned about a crumbling bridge in Bloomington, and feel it’s unsafe for trains and people driving underneath it.

There are cracks, holes and chunks missing from the bridge on Elwren Road. It was built in 1917. William Moser, who lives right around the corner, said it looks like it is in need of repair.

He said he could not stop worrying about this bridge after he found a heavy slab in the road. He said it fell off the bridge.

“It is evident danger,” Moser said. “We find debris out here all of the time.”

Moser believes someone is going to get hurt if the bridge is not repaired soon. Neighbors said they have called The Indiana Rail Road about the problem.

“My mom would call it in, and yeah, we will have someone look at it, and that is about all that happens, somebody looks at it,” said Lisa Hammer. 

FOX59 reached out to The Indiana Rail Road, the group responsible for this bridge. The company’s vice president of engineering sent us the following statement.

According to Peter Ray, Indiana Rail Road’s vice president, engineering, the bridge at Elwren Rd. in Bloomington is a 48 foot ballast deck concrete slab bridge built in 1917.  Indiana Rail Road performs regular inspections of all of its railroad bridges in accordance with federal regulations. The bridge at Elwren Rd. was last inspected in April of this year and was determined to be safe for operation of rail traffic.

Moser is still concerned about people driving underneath the bridge. The Monroe County Highway Department said it does not have jurisdiction to fix the bridge. The highway director said that responsibility is on the railroad company.

We asked The Indiana Railroad if it plans to do any repairs. We were still waiting to hear back as of Wednesday evening.

“I would not want to go under it when I see a train on it, no way,” said Hammer.  

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