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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – Last week, we showed you the deplorable conditions inside of a Westside apartment complex that has had continuous visits from the Marion County Health Department. Now, some residents who are still dealing with the mold and filth are just hours away from being evicted.

“It is nasty, it is filthy, and it is dirty. The carpet has Black stains in it. When I turn my air on, it smells like mildew,” said Woodhaven Park Apartments resident Tracy Cox.

There is no home sweet home for Tracy. She says her living situation has turned into a nightmare. She blames the mold, mildew, and dirt for health issues.

“I have been getting headaches ever since I moved into this apartment,” said Cox.

Our investigation last week uncovered several issues at the Woodhaven Park Apartments, including a cockroach problem and one person who had no ceiling in their bathroom for six weeks. PF Holdings owns the property and fixed the ceiling, but Cox says her issues have only gotten worse.

“They are still treating us like we are dogs. We are not dogs. We are human beings,” said Cox.

She says she withheld her rent money, hoping they would fix the issues. Cox tells us she never received a refund, but says the company posted an eviction notice on her door. Now, she has until Monday September 18, 2016 to get out.

“All we know is that we are nervous and we are scared. We got clothes and furniture and everything. So what are we supposed to do? That stuff is expensive. We need somewhere to go. That is all we are asking for. Can you please give us our money back so we can leave?” said Cox.

Last time we reached out to PF Holdings a representative told us they were not sure if the residents would be getting a refund. The Marion County Health Department is continuing to investigate the property.