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Folks living near the scene of a warehouse fire along Belmont are back in their homes, but they’re being asked to keep an eye out.

Fire crews remained at the scene making sure hot spots remain under control Monday.

Health officials are not detecting any hazardous materials or lingering effects in the air in the nearbyn eighborhood, but they are asking residents to limit their exposure to any lingering smoke.

About 100 people were asked to leave a neighborhood northeast of the scene on Saturday due to the heavy smoke which poured from the scene.

Officials with the Environmental Protection Agency found sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide in the main fire zone, which is typical in a fire like this. The building housed thousands of tires, wooden pallets and roofing shingles.

Gary Clark who lives along Belmont left his home for several hours Saturday. He said conditions in the neighborhood have improved greatly since then.

“It was a matter of safety, they knew what was in that building more than everybody else did so, they knew way better than we did,” said Clark.

The Marion County Health Department is asking residents to wash off soot and ash that may have landed on their property.

The EPA has also taken additional precautionary air samples to have analyzed. They hope to have results within a couple of days and will report the findings to the health department.