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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – One year ago an explosion forever changed the Richmond Hill neighborhood. Residents still remember the blast that shook them out of bed and changed their lives forever. Two people died that night, dozens of homes were damaged and many were destroyed.

“All hell broke loose. I wasn’t sure what happened,” said resident Doug Aldridge.

Looking around the neighborhood today there are signs of rebuilding that’s taking place but there are vacant lots where others have chose to move on. A blue tarp still surrounds the lot where Monserrate Shirley’s house one stood. Shirley, Mark and Robert Leonard faces numerous charges related to the explosion. Prosecutors said the explosion was set up out of greed, they contend the trio was plotting to get $300,000 in insurance money.

“I can feel the pressure. I can feel stress coming on more so just because it’s the one year anniversary. I fell like I’m about to relive it all,” said resident Theresa Carmichael.

People are coming together to mark the anniversary with a luminary walk Sunday afternoon. About 40 volunteers will work through the afternoon to fill the luminary bags up with sand, they will start lighting the bags shortly after 6 p.m. Mayor Greg Ballard is expected to make a speech before the walk. The events also include prayer, music and at the end two lanterns will be released into the sky.