Retailers stress importance of knowing your body, products before making CBD oil purchase

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PLAINFIELD, Ind. — The CBD and hemp oils business is exploding around the country, and advertisements are everywhere. CBD oil is legal in all 50 states with its nearly 0% THC levels.

Tabatha Starr owns a local business, and CBD oil is one of her products. Starr encourages anyone who wants to try CBD oil or hemp oil to talk with a reputable retailer first.

Starr has owned the Real Food Shoppe for three years. She said the attitude toward cannabis has changed significantly since she opened her store.

"It offended a lot of our customers in the beginning when we first put it on our shelf," Starr remembered.

CBD oil must legally have a THC level of 0.3% or less. In contrast, marijuana carries a level around 18%. CBD oil's levels are low enough it does not give a person the same feeling as marijuana.

"What people attribute to that psychedelic effect, the feeling of being high, industrial hemp is at 0 but 0.3%," Starr said of THC.

However, Starr said people need to fully understand their employer's rules before trying CBD oil.

"If your employer is one that it's either present or not present in your urine, I mean your job's on the line," Starr warned. "We don't make any guarantees and nobody should that you will not fail a drug test."

Starr said it is important to visit a store where the owner or manager is knowledgeable about CBD and offers products with a specific scannable label attached.

"You have to have a QR code on it so to scan and send you to their third party testing on their website," Starr explained. "You can walk into the majority of gas stations and it's not on there. So, technically they're selling you an illegal product on their end."

Starr said not all gas stations and vape stores sell products without the label, but it does happen. She stresses the importance of finding a retailer who knows the product well.

"Unfortunately, people usually choose convenience and cost over, so they like cheap products and they like them where they can just run into a gas station and pick them off the shelf," Starr said. "I find that if you are putting sales and profit over education and health, that's where that difference comes in."

CBD oil is used to help ease chronic pain, anxiety, seizures and aid with sleep.

"I think CBD is oversold, over promised and over marketed, in my opinion," Starr said. "So to tell you it's going to heal all your ailments? Can it happen? Absolutely. We hear miracle stories every day, but you're looking for quality of life improvement versus symptom [resolution]."

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