RFRA impact on religion and the unintended consequences

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INDIANAPOLIS,Ind (April 1, 2015)--The economic fallout of the religious freedom law has been clear to see, but religious groups from all denominations are now weighing in on the impact of the legislation.

While many believe the law legalizes discrimination, the legislation is now having unintended consequences.

"Pence was nice enough to fertilize the state for me and we just planted the seed, and out grew and nice big beautiful green bud," Bill Levin, 'The first Church of Cannabis.'

Levin calls himself the 'Grand Poobah of Cannabis,' and he just founded, 'The first Church of Cannabis' in the aftermath of RFRA.

Bill Levin


"There’s a lot of religious smokers out there," said Levin.

IU law professor John Hill predicted that the religious freedom law would have unintended consequences.

“While we’re focusing now on religious liberty claims and gay rights, this law will apply now in lots of other areas that we’re kind of overlooking," said Hill.

While new religions are budding, some of the oldest are now speaking out against the law.

"We are not endorsing discrimination," said Fitzhugh Lyons Sr., president of interdenominational ministers  alliance.

A group of Baptist ministers gathered Wednesday to make their position clear.

"If they don’t get rid of it completely, it won’t be solved," said Lyons Sr.

The Islamic Society of North America said, "We urge Governor Pence and the Indiana legislature to either repeal this law or add sufficient anti-discrimination protections to insure no one's rights are undermined in the name of religious freedom."

As for the Rabbi in charge of the Interfaith Alliance.

“I think what this does is justify under the law the kinds of discrimination that we have worked so hard in this country to eradicate," said Rabbi Jack Moline.

The Roman Catholic Bishops of Indiana came out with a statement of their own.

"The rights of a person should never be used inappropriately  in order to deny the rights of another."

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