Richmond community continues to recover

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RICHMOND, Ind. - The Richmond community is continuing to heal after Thursday’s deadly shooting at a middle school.

On Thursday morning, a 14-year-old boy shot out a glass door at Dennis Intermediate School as he was being intercepted by police. After a shootout with police and a short chase inside the school, that teen died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Now four days later, there are efforts happening to try to get those affected back to a sense of normalcy.

10-year-old Whitney Burns is learning lessons no one her age should have to: that life isn’t always pretty and that sometimes bad things happen for no reason.

She spent Monday morning at RecPlex in Richmond, talking about what happened Thursday with those who matter most: her friends and her dad.

“I got to see how everyone felt and if they're okay,” said Whitney.

Her dad Paul knows moving forward will be different for everyone.

“She’s not doing as bad as the other one or not showing as much emotion as her older sister,” said Paul, “but I think that her older sister was closer to the incident that happened."

At RecPlex Thursday, the doors outside were like the arms inside: wide open.

“This right here will help bring the community back,” said parent Anna Martinez.

Parents, teachers and students could all stop by for a laugh, a cry, or the comfort of a familiar face; counselors were there to help.

“Well I’m still not over it,” said parent Chris Martinez, “just showing up at the school knowing there’s cops around and knowing there’s been a shooting, it’s one of those things that’s just terrifying."

Classes wont resume at Dennis until after the new year; the semester was already scheduled to end on Wednesday.

“[I] never have been through anything like this before, so as we go through it we’re just trying to asses the needs as we identify them,” said Richmond Community  Schools Superintendent Todd Terrill.

He said even just a few days removed from Thursday’s tragedy there are signs of life getting back to normal.

“Saturday night, I was able to go to our basketball game…and to see a sense of normalcy with our kids was really valuable for me,” said Terrill.

Indiana State Police are still investigating, but as of Monday had nothing new to release.

The school has crews inside making repairs to damage that was done during that shooting. Once those repairs are finished, they’ll figure out a way to start letting families back inside to get personal items that were left here when the school was evacuated.

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