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INDIANAPOLIS — Folks who live in the Richmond Hill Subdivision came together to remember the tragedy that rocked their neighborhood one year ago. It was the night a massive explosion tore through, leveled the neighborhood, and took two lives. As one woman put it, Sunday’s event was therapeutic, as they continue to recover.

Sunday was the day when this neighborhood shook and then stood still. The residents, their friends and family stood together as a way to cope.

“We just keep moving on, it’s a process over the past year,” said Tylor Smith.

For him, that process has been a difficult one. He was with his family lighting the two luminaries in the center of a big heart. They are in honor of Dion and Jennifer Longworth, his aunt and uncle who died in the explosion.

“If there is one positive thing that we can take out of this, it’s brought an entire neighborhood together, and it’s brought our family a lot closer together,” said Smith.

Tea light candles provided light up and down the Richmond Hill roads for the residents to walk, to remember, to try to move forward. The event started in the afternoon under a clear blue sky. As a whole, the get together provided comfort to Liz Kelley, who’s been in her new home for six weeks now.

“At 11:10 on 11/10/2012, this neighborhood stopped moving and all life stopped for four days and literally two lives stopped forever. And to see this happen is very therapeutic, very up lifting,” said Kelley.

Mayor Greg Ballard showed up to talk to the folks affected.

“It’s amazing, it’s an amazing neighborhood group,” said Mayor Ballard, “it’s hard to put in to words how together they have been.”

And continue to live the days ahead.

“I think now that we’ve faced it, tomorrow will be just a little bit brighter,” said Kelley.

There are still people who haven’t moved back in to their homes, and who are trying to make decisions of their future. Sunday’s event gave many of these people a chance to take a break and come together.