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FORT WAYNE, Ind (Feb. 19, 2016)– The attorneys representing Bob Leonard Jr. started and finished their case in roughly 30 minutes.

Two witnesses were called to testify for the defense.  Leonard did not take the stand.

Joseph Armanno III took the stand wearing an orange jail jumpsuit.  Currently, he is incarcerated on unrelated charges.  He told the jury that he is a former friend of both Bob and Mark Leonard.

Earlier in the trial, Armanno’s name was mentioned in connection with furniture that investigators say was missing from the Richmond Hill home. The previous allegation was that Armanno was given and sold furniture from the site of the deadly blast on Fieldfare Way.

“I learned about the explosion at the same time everyone else did.  I didn’t take anything from that house.  If I knew something, I would have said something,” said Armanno.

The missing furniture has never been found.

Following Armanno, Indianapolis-based musician Phillip Pierle was called to the stand.  He testified to seeing Bob Leonard at his gig at a south side bar the night before the explosion.

Court will resume Tuesday.  Both the defense and prosecution will be given two hours to deliver closing arguments.  The case is expected to go to the jury Tuesday afternoon.

“I never predict what a jury will do. I’ve tried hundreds of cases over 25 years and I never predict what a jury will do,” said Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson.

Leonard’s attorney declined to comment.