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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 6, 2015) – The Richmond Hill explosion case continues to develop as the trial of suspect Bob Leonard is now moving to Allen County.

Friday afternoon, a Marion County judge entered an order regarding Leonard’s request to transfer his trial out of Marion County. The order included a request to transfer Leonard from custody of the Marion County sheriff to the Allen County sheriff.

“The victims have been waiting over two years for justice in this case, the victims deserve their day in court and they have expressed frustration with the delay and I understand their frustration with it,” said Denise Robinson, Deputy Prosecutor for Marion County.

Suspect Mark Leonard was in court Friday afternoon for a hearing on a series of motions. A motion to delay the trial was withdrawn even though the judge was prepared to grant it.

Attorneys for Mark Leonard presented an argument to break the trial into different parts. His attorneys asked if scientific evidence of the alleged arson could be presented first. They requested to have the science separated from circumstantial evidence about Leonard’s behavior and motive.

The prosecution argued the conduct of the defendant is key and the jury should not “have blinders on.”

“Well they’re asking for more than that because they say to prove arson you can only use science evidence and not use any other type of evidence, which would be similar in a standard murder case to saying we can only put the pathologist on first to prove how a person was killed before we can talk about any other evidence we had as to how a person was killed,” said Robinson.

Defense attorneys also filed a motion to suppress certain comments made by Bob Leonard and a friend named Robert Smith. The judge will make a decision on the motions at a later date.

Friday afternoon’s court hearing was Mark Leonard’s first since his girlfriend Monserrate Shirley took a plea deal. At the end of January Monserrate Shirley pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson charges. A fourth suspect, Gary Thompson, was also recently charged in the case.

Mark Leonard’s trial will be held in South Bend this June. A judge from South Bend traveled to Indianapolis for the motion hearing.

“We’re prepared to go to trial and I think the victims are prepared to go forward and get this over with,” Robinson.