RICHMOND, Ind. — As the Richmond community mourns the passing Officer Seara Burton, some are trying to use her name and death as a way to make money.

Officer Burton passed away Sunday night, more than five weeks after she was critically injured in a shooting.

The Richmond Police Department shared a warning Monday about a scam fundraiser making the rounds that uses Officer Burton’s name.

Police officials shared the screenshots below of the scam fundraiser.

Screenshots taken of the scam fundraiser shared by Richmond Police Department.

At this time, Richmond PD is encouraging anyone that wants to donate to make sure they are doing it to a legitimate fundraising event or account.

Several communities in the state have offered support to Richmond and its police department following the shooting of Officer Burton. Some even starting fundraisers to help her family.

There are many tools and tips that can be used to avoid charity fraud. There are even watchdog websites that can help navigate checking if a charity is legitimate.

If you identify a suspicious charity, you should report it to local law enforcement and the FBI. If you have been a victim of a charitable scam, you should also report it to your state consumer office, as well as to the Federal Trade Commission.