INDIANAPOLIS — The average price of a gallon of gas in Indiana is up almost 46 cents compared to Monday of last week.

For those who make a living off driving people or things to different places, this is making business much more costly than usual.

Indianapolis Uber driver Schumuziler Kwate fills up his tank about once a day.

”It’s crazy, because I used to fill my car up, and it’s not a big car, with $28 to 30, depending on what was left in it,” Kwate said. “Yesterday it was $38 so that’s like $10 difference.”

Kwate drives every day, putting in 50 to 60 hours a week behind the wheel. An extra $10 adds up very fast for him.

”If the price is that high, it really eats into your pocket,” Kwate said.

He used to not care where he filled up, now finding the most cost effective gas station is a must.

”Most of the time I will stop driving and not care about where I buy it, but now I have to make sure I get it from the cheapest place just to cut costs,” Kwate said.

AAA said as of Monday, a gallon of unleaded gas in Indiana costs an average of $3.99 and a gallon of diesel costs $4.65.

Gleaners Food Bank is feeling the pinch, as well.

Its fleet of trucks drives about 250,000 miles each year making deliveries to food banks across the area.

”A year ago we paid $2.85 a gallon for diesel, we bought that today it’s $4.51,” said Joe Slater, the COO and CFO of Gleaners Food Bank.

Slater said he’s expecting to pay almost an extra $500,000 this year on fuel compared to last year.

Gleaners is feeling pressure from all sides, higher prices for gas mean more people are coming to the group for food assistance, as well.

”Every dollar we have to spend on fuel, we’re not spending it on food items that people need,” Slater said. “So that is a little bit frustrating.”

Since Gleaners works with charitable organizations it’s not like it can pass those extra costs along to its clients. Slater said they just have to rely on increased community contributions.

”I mean that’s what it takes at the end of the day, it takes dollars to buy fuel, it takes dollars to get these kind of things done,” he said.

AAA said drivers can expect the price of a gallon to continue to rise as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine drives crude oil prices higher.