Roads treated for snow; ice still leads to hundreds of crashes in central Indiana on Sunday

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The snowfall on Sunday made the roads very slick, and the Monday morning commute is looking potentially problematic, too.

State police responded to 274 crashes statewide, and IMPD responded to nearly 200 more.

Since 11 this morning, DPW has had 80 trucks out salting and plowing. INDOT has done the same, but it still meant drivers needed to take it slow.

DPW Spokesperson Charnay Pickett said they do their best to treat the roadways.

“We plow major thoroughfares first as they connect our emergency services, so you want to make sure those roads are clear so our emergency response crews can get out to people when they need help,” Pickett said.

Despite DPW’s and INDOT’s best efforts, today there were still hundreds of crashes and slide-offs that resulted in injuries.

Wayne Township Fire Department assisted IMPD officers with many of those crashes.

IMPD responded to more than 187 property damage accidents, 20 personal injury accidents and 24 slide-offs.

Pickett said they’re expecting roads to be slick overnight.

“We’ve had people treating the roadways with salt, and they will continue to stay out, but the biggest factor in that is preventing that refreeze,” Pickett said.

Pickett said even when they treat the roadways, it can still be slick. She said it’s best to take your time driving.

“I’m always concerned about the morning just because of black ice,” driver Ashley Fella said.

Pickett said they’re monitoring the weather and will have crews working throughout the night.

She wants to remind people not to overcrowd the plows.

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