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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s been another great year for live music in Indianapolis and even though we are 37 days to the official start of the holiday season, there’s still tons of great shows on the horizon.

If you’re looking to escape an early onset of cabin fever, use this guide to plan out some shows between Halloween and holiday parties. Tonight, legends are kindly gracing Indy with their presence.

Fleetwood Mac – Bankers Life
Oct. 16

Yes, Lindsey Buckingham is missing from this tour. And yes, replacing him with Mick Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is not close to the same.

Having said that, one of the top 10 bands of all-time will be performing all their hits in Indianapolis.  Not surprisingly, drama has once again bubbled up within the band.

A report came out last week that Lindsey Buckingham is suing the band for firing him after their manager allegedly told him, “Stevie never wants to be on a stage with you again.”

If you still haven’t gotten tickets for tonight, they’re going for around $45 plus fees to get in the door.

Modest Mouse  – Indiana University Auditorium
Oct. 19

Modest Mouse is one of the only bands I can think of where their most popular song may be one of their worst.

Known for doing it their own way, the band has developed a massive cult following ever since they traveled through the lonesome crowded west in a van during the mid 90’s.

The rest of the world found out about them with 2004’s “Float On,” but their biggest strength is releasing cohesive album after cohesive album.

Modest Mouse album’s each present a different listening experience as you connect with lead singer Isaac Brock’s strikingly honest lyrics.  They play down at IU on Friday…you should go.

Atmosphere – The Vogue
Oct. 26

Prince, The Replacements…the Twin Cities are known for producing unique artists ahead of their time.

Hip-hop duo Atmosphere is no different, producing infectious songs that feature a lot of slow beats aimed at making your head move up and down.

Guster – The Vogue
Nov. 14

Another band that has been doing it for decades, Guster is best known for the certified-gold single “Satellite.”

They bring their amazing 90’s dad rock to the Vogue in mid-November.

Cloud Nothings – The Hi-Fi
Nov. 15

If you like the harder side of rock, boy do I have a band for you.

Cleveland rockers Cloud Nothings have produced hundreds of sweaty mosh pits throughout the world on their way up the indie rock ladder.

If you feel like letting out a little aggression, meet near the front of the stage on Nov. 15. at Hi-Fi.  Through past times I’ve seen them, it’ll be pretty reckless.

Brian Wilson – The Palladium
Nov. 17

Even though he can barely sing anymore, seeing Brian Wilson perform a melody of Beach Boy hits is can’t miss.

According to recent setlists, you’re in for a treat as he’s continued to play the iconic album “Pet Sounds” in full.

Check out footage when I saw him at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, featuring a cameo by the Cusack siblings.

Pusha T – The Vogue
Nov. 18

Fresh off his critically acclaimed third album, “Daytona,” one half of Clipse will performing for the first time in the Circle City since 2013.

If you haven’t heard “Daytona” yet, you may have saw Pusha T make headlines this year with his gritty war of words with Drake. He concludes an amazing week for live music during the third week of November.


CHVRCHES – Indiana State Fairgrounds
Nov. 29

ALT 103.3 hit a homerun with their annual Christmas show, bringing in Scottish treasures CHVRCHES for what will be an extremely fun night at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum.

The synthy-rockers, who have handwritten lyrics to their first single hanging in the Rock Hall, have been busy the last five years by producing three albums while touring the world.

If you’re unfamiliar, crank this song up to 11 and try not to dance…it’ll be impossible.

Death Cab For Cutie – Murat Theatre
Dec. 3

The second Seattle-based band featured here will bring one of the best indie rock catalogs ever into the Murat Theatre. Touring on their ninth studio album “Thank You for Today,” Death Cab has captivated the emotions of millions to produce some of the most crystal clear heartbreak anthems ever.

If you only know them from “The OC” and are judging just their name, don’t worry their live shows may fall flat or be depressing. Ben Gibbard is one of the most talented lead singers in music.

Justin Timberlake – Bankers Life
Dec. 14

He’s used to selling out arenas and even played the Super Bowl this year, so who knows what tricks JT may have up his sleeve 11 days before Christmas.

On his current tour, he’s been averaging over 25 songs per set.  If you miss Fleetwood tonight you can see him Timberlake’s version of “Dreams” in December.

These shows are the cherry on top for what’s been a great year for live music here.  Next year looks to be even stronger, with the city focusing on music as a vehicle to improve economic development.