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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 14, 2015)– The roof will stay closed at Lucas Oil Stadium next Monday night as the Colts take on the Jets. It’s a closure for safety’s sake.

The Capital Improvement Board (CIB) is still investigating what caused a bolt to fall from the roof as it was being opened at halftime during the Colts preseason matchup with the Bengals. Three fans were injured.

“We think it’s very prudent to remain safe and have the roof not operate,” said Barney Levengood, Executive Director of the Capital Improvement Board.

Levengood gave an update at the board’s regularly scheduled meeting Monday afternoon. He said they’ve determined it is safe for high school games to go on at Lucas Oil Stadium on Friday and Saturday, along with the Colts game on Monday, provided the roof stays closed.

“We’re not going to cancel or postpone any events this weekend,” he said.

Levengood didn’t give a clear timetable for the investigation to be completed, but he said it involved multiple agencies, including the state, contractors, and architects, anyone involved with building the stadium. He also wouldn’t give any details into how or why the bolt fell from the roof.

“We’re going to bring everybody together and make absolute sure that we do have the correct answer, and that takes time,” he said, “With an investigation, as always, you like to bring all the parties that are responsible, which are the designers, and the contractors, and the group that built the facility which is the state.”

Fans described hearing a loud pop, then seeing the bolt come down into Section 248 on September 3 when the Colts played the Bengals in a preseason game. Two people were taken to the hospital, and one was treated at the stadium, though nobody was seriously injured.

Levengood wouldn’t comment Monday afternoon when asked if the bolt falling was a direct result of the roof being opened.

He said the CIB and other stakeholders came to a decision Monday that events could remain scheduled at the stadium for the upcoming weekend given the roof remain closed.

“At this point, we’re going to continue to investigate, and we’re not going to in any way rush the investigation,” he said.