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UPDATE (Sept. 16, 2019) — A jury found Garry Evans not guilty on all 14 counts following his trial in Rush County.

RUSHVILLE, Ind. – An Indiana pastor charged with molesting children in his congregation now faces a trespassing charge.

According to the Rushville Police Department, Garry Evans, 72, and his wife, Gay Evans, 70, showed up at a home in the 400 block of North Main Street on the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 28, and said they refused to leave until they could speak to someone at the home.

The case is only a misdemeanor, but it marks the latest in a string of personal and legal problems for the 72-year-old suspect.

On Main Street in Rushville police say the embattled pastor and his wife went to a home looking to talk to their son.

“When they knocked on the door they were greeted by the female resident who told them they were not welcome and needed to leave,” said Rushville police chief Craig Tucker.

Police say when the couple refused to leave the homeowner felt threatened and grabbed a gun. Eventually the suspects were chased off with a bat and no one got hurt, but police still arrested both Garry Evans and his wife.

“Anytime there’s a firearm at play the people arrested were in danger and the resident of the property was in danger,” said Tucker.

Although his name has been painted over, Garry Evans worked for decades as the pastor at a church in Rushvlle.   According to court records, multiple victims under the age of 10 told police the pastor sexually abused them.

Evans was a pastor at Rushville Baptist Temple when he was arrested in October and accused of molesting a 3-year-old girl. After the allegations came to light, four more girls under the age of 10 said Evans molested them.

The girls told investigators that Evans lured them into his office with the promise of candy, court documents said, and then touched them inappropriately.

In November, when more allegations came to light, Evans attempted to kill himself after bonding out of jail.

A jury trial in the molestation case is scheduled for March 20, 2018.

Following the incident this week, the pastor was again booked into jail without bond.   Since then the victim posted on Facebook that she and the suspects own son have gotten numerous threatening phone calls, including from Gay Evans herself.

“I just got out of jail.  I hope you’re a very happy son.  Your daddy is in there and he’s probably going to be staying in there.  What is wrong with you?  You are sick,” said Evans on a voicemail.

“This is insane.  What the **** is wrong with you, you stupid idiot?” said another family member.

“You’re fine with them arresting your 72-year-old father and 70-year-old mother?   Really?  Really?  Are you that big of a piece of scum?” said another woman.

Hearing those calls, the police chief asked everyone involved in the case, including the Evans family, to be patient.

“For people to manage this on their own is going to make it more difficult to weigh what is fact and fiction and let the legal system do what it needs to do,” said Tucker.

Police says Gay Evans was verbally abusive and physically resisted officers during her arrest and that resulted in an extra charge of resisting law enforcement being filed.

She was able to post bond and has been released.