INDIANPOLIS – One man has been arrested for his role in the Friday shooting at Castleton Square Mall. 

18-year-old Curtis Wilson was shot during the altercation. He was later arrested and is facing felony criminal recklessness charges.

This was the second shooting at the mall this year.

”There have been more shootings here lately and it is getting to where you have to be super careful,” said Allen Lebin as he was leaving AMC Theatres.

The mall Code of Conduct that can be seen by the entrance of the mall says no weapons. But right where the sign is located Wilson was shot on Friday.

”Mall security was able to provide medical attention to that individual,” said William Young with IMPD.

Wilson was rushed to a nearby hospital and is expected to be okay.

”Whenever we have a situation of sorts where shots are being fired actively whether that be a store or a mall with the climate in this country it is kind of all hands on deck,” said Young.

In early January, a 16-year-old was killed and another was hurt in the mall’s parking lot. 

”I think that is the day and age we live in, you have to be more cautious and vigilant of where you are going,” said Christopher Parchman.

Parchman was at Castleton Square Mall on Saturday. He says he forms a game plan before going to places with large crowds. 

”I think you must know where the exits are,” said Parchman.

Allen Lebin was at AMC theaters. He says all the violence is too much. 

”Well I probably wouldn’t come. I wouldn’t have probably come to the mall today except it is an outside entrance,” said Lebin.

”There is just no way to know when it is going to come. You just have to be careful.”

Lebin and Parchman say they think malls should enhance their security. 

”They probably need to have some type of weapons detector when people walk in and they need to have more police presence,” said Lebin.

IMPD says the shooting on Friday was an isolated incident between two groups. They are still speaking to other people of interest. 

There will continue to be a heavy police presence at the mall throughout the remainder of the weekend.