School laptops stolen

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Five Lebanon High School girls had their laptop computers stolen from a school bus on the Southside of Indianapolis. It happened Thursday afternoon while the girls were practicing for the huge IHSAA girls golf tournament.

This crime gave the girls the creeps! They were practicing their hearts out for this big golf tournament, and never would have thought their pricey and personal items they had hidden away, would ever be stolen!

“I was violated, I didn’t want to believe someone would have taken something that didn’t belong to them,” said LHS Freshman Katlyn Coddington.

Laptops worth nearly a thousand dollars were stolen from their bus parked at the Smock Golf Course on East County Line Road after school Thursday.

“I had a lot of notes, homework, letters and stuff on my laptop and it’s really vital for my school work,” said LHS Junior Emily Milburn.

The Lebanon High School lady golfers, practicing for the huge golf tournament, said their bus was locked and their stuff was hidden away, they thought they’d protected themselves. The young ladies think the thieves got in by popping the lock out of the drivers side door and climbed in. The girls realized their loss when practice was over around 8:30 p.m. Thursday night.

“We ran out to coach, and we’re like ‘the computers are gone, we don’t know where they are’,” said Coddington.

And they still don’t, nor who did it. IMPD were notified by members of the team, but it’s an expensive problem. The school issued the laptops, but it’s the users responsibility, so if the computers weren’t insured, they have to pay $950 to replace them, not to mention the school work.

“I have a loaner computer and I have to go back and get all my notes, I have to retype everything I lost,” said Milburn.

The golf course was notified about this and, as well, another school’s bus break-in. A worker said a security firm was hired to protect the parking lot.

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