School starts Monday for IPS, learning device pick-up for families


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — IPS students will start school Monday from their homes after officials decided to keep all learning online at least until October 2.

Families to over 30,000 students are getting prepped by educators who have been handing out supplies, backpacks, and devices.

Principal at George Washington Carver Montessori No. 87, Mark Nardo, said, “We want to make sure the students are prepared.”

This summer, IPS secured enough technology to give every pre-schooler a brand new iPad. The same for kids in first grade and second, while third graders and older have new Chrome Books.

“When they pull into the parking lot, we’re making sure that the device is operational before they leave campus so that we don’t have to deal with some tech issues when they bring them home,” Nardo explained.

Parents can pick-up their children’s devices August 12 and 13 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at varying locations.

Nardo also mentioned wifi mobile hot spots for families without internet access — all of which he believes will not be taken for granted.

“I think all IPS students really do appreciate– and the parents understand that this is a responsibility. And that they want to take care of that device because it will help them learn.”

The supplies are being distributed before parents attend an August 13 virtual forum, where they’ll how the school year will look during a pandemic.

Nardo stated, class schedules will be tighter this year than last to help students stay engaged from home.

“I think we were well organized and offered a good learning environment at the end of last year,” Nardo said, “being able to pivot quickly and also to be nimble is something we learned the last couple of months of school. We definitely learned.”

For now, the only in-person contact students can have with their teachers will be in a drive-thru line for device pick-up.

“We get to see them, we get to talk with our students,” Nardo said. “It’s been close to five or six months since we’ve gotten to see our kids and we miss them a lot.”

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