Scotty’s Brewhouse owner burns hand while lighting fireworks

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INDIANAPOLIS – The owner of Scotty’s Brewhouse went to the E.R. on Fourth of July after suffering second degree burns on his left hand while lighting fireworks.

Scott Wise said he couldn’t believe it happened to him.

“I walked in and I said, you know, ‘Hey, cliché statistic number eight coming in the door.'”

Wise burned his left hand while lighting sparklers for his and his friends’ children. He was also holding a small airplane firework in that same hand.

“Somehow that spark just ignited that plane and the plant just pshhew!”

He said he saw a bright white fire and hunched over to protect the kids. He described the pain as “horrible”.

“I felt.. pain right away. I wanted to make sure the kids were kinda out of the way. I went down in a crouching mode… keep all the fire in one spot and then when that was all done I ran into the house,” explained Wise.

Now he’s using the incident as a teaching moment for his children and for everyone who hears his story. He warns that fireworks are not toys and to be extra cautious when using them.

“I would’ve never have though it would happen like that,” he said. “But maybe that’s the moral of the story is that just because it’s a sparkler doesn’t mean that something bad can’t happen to you.”

Wise wasn’t alone. Five people were treated at IU Health this weekend for firework related injuries. 19 people visited Eskenazi Hospital’s E.R. and two patients were checked in to the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center.

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