Sculpture added to Washington Street Bridge in White River State Park


Finish sculpture

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A sculpture embodying the drive to achieve goals has been added to the collection of public art along the historic Washington Street Bridge in White River State Park.

Chicago-based artist Terrence Karpowicz originally created the piece, entitled “Finish,” for Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Mich. Recently on exhibit at the Meijer Sculpture Garden and several locations in Chicago, “Finish” will be on exhibit in White River State Park for the next two years.

The artist said “Finish” was inspired by the drive to achieve goals using every ounce of energy, wisdom, body and being.

“We felt the piece was especially appropriate with the variety of walks and runs that culminate in the Park,” said Carolene Mays-Medley, executive director of the White River State Park Development Commission. “We love making art accessible and free to everyone who visits the Park.”

The sculpture joins several other temporary pieces of art, as well as permanent pieces such as The Tent, which was the legacy project for the 500 Festival’s 50th anniversary.

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