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INDIANAPOLIS — Victor Johnson is described as 6’3” of a medium build with tattoos who has lived his entire 40 years on the city’s near eastside.

Not an easy man to miss, but missing he is. 

Posters with Johnson’s picture, adorned with his nickname “Baby Fat”, have gone up on windows of businesses near East 10th Street and Oakland Avenue, seven blocks north of where Johnson was last seen by family on March 31st.

Two businesspeople told FOX59 News they recalled seeing Johnson in the area within the last week.

Crosby Swinney said his stepson had been hallucinating lately as the result of alcohol withdrawal.

“The streets can get to a person and he started drinking heavy,” said Swinney. “As he was letting it go, he started having seizures.”

Swinney was also the last member of the family to see Johnson.

“The last time he was seen I dropped him off at his girlfriend’s house that was last Wednesday.”

Had Johnson been beefing with anybody, I asked.

“He don’t live with us,” said Swinney. “He and his girlfriend live together. That’s a good question to answer but I can’t.”

The quest for answers to the disappearance of Baby Fat took us to the 300 block of North Oakland Avenue where our presence and questions seemed to stir up a lot of emotion.

We spoke to a woman on the phone who identified herself as Johnson’s girlfriend who explained she had last seen him a week ago as he hallucinated from alcohol withdrawal and then disappeared before she called his cell phone, and it was answered by a man who claimed he found the device on the sidewalk just down the street and was holding on to it for Johnson but wouldn’t identify himself or return the phone.

The woman told us she moved away from the Oakland Avenue address about the same time Johnson disappeared. When we asked her name, the woman became angry, and the call was disconnected. Other residents of the street also expressed their dismay at our arrival and inquiries.

Perhaps with good reason.

IMPD has reported shots fired incidents in that block recently and the wounding of a young woman who refused to press charges against her assailant.

Det. James Burton of IMPD’s Missing Persons Branch (317-327-6160) told FOX59 News that he has thus far not ruled out foul play in Johnson’s disappearance.

Swinney said his family continues the search for Baby Fat.

“We been through alleys. His friends and cousins been coming by saying they gonna ride the neighborhood ride through the alleys and ask people if they seen anything but haven’t came up with anything.”

Johnson’s girlfriend told us she had given him $100 for his birthday last week before he disappeared.

“He didn’t keep a pocketful of money so it’s a mystery,” said Swinney when asked if his stepson had anything worth stealing or being killed over.

“It’s puzzling,” he said. “He’s not the kind of guy to go around starting trouble, getting into trouble, messing with people.”