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DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. — A new tip has led investigators searching for a Muncie mother who has been missing for seven years.

27-year-old Ashley Morris Mullis was last seen in September of 2013 by family and friends. No one has made contact with her since.

On Wednesday, multiple agencies including the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana State Police, and the FBI executed a search warrant at a home on S County Road 725 W. in Yorktown after receiving new tips.

“It’s heartbreaking at this point. I’d like to had answers a lot sooner. But at this point answers would be great even 7 years later,” said her father, Don Morris.

The mother of three disappeared without a trace than 2,500 days ago. She wasn’t seen after leaving a family reunion. For days, her dad would leave notes on her door after he didn’t hear from her.

“Went back to the house where she was, notes were missing but no results of hearing from my daughter,” said Morris.

At that point he reported his daughter missing.

“Our department doesn’t treat this as a cold case this is still an active case for us and we’re working every lead that we can,” said Delaware County Sheriff Tony Skinner.

Investigators have remained tight-lipped about some of the information that’s coming in. But they confirm new tips lead them to this property in Yorktown. Thursday morning, they brought in excavators to start digging in the area.

“Seven years ago, Ashley was involved with somebody was related to this property. Yesterday [Wednesday], we had some cadaver dogs out here at this property. And they became interested on a couple of areas. So right now, we are just focusing on those areas,” said Sheriff Skinner.

Over the last two years, the Sheriff says they’ve searched at least half a dozen properties leaving no stone unturned.

“Most of the time it leads to dead ends and that’s frustrating. And we don’t know what this time is going to lead to. But we follow up on every lead that we get,” said Sheriff Skinner.

Her father says answers at this point would be total devastation but will also bring their family closure. But in the meantime, he’s working with police and continuing to lean on the community that has given him strength.

“Honestly at this point, it’s the support of the people that keeps driving me to get answers. Not only for my family but for the people out there who need answers,” said Morris.

And the Sheriff’s Office says as long as tips are coming in, they will continue to try to bring this family closure.

“Ashley’s been missing for 7 years I know her family wants to find her. They want peace and they want to resolve this case. So, do we. If anybody out there has any tips or anything that you think we need to know it will be kept in confidence, we just ask that you contact the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office,” said Skinner.

Investigators wrapped up around 6 p.m., and found no signs of human remains. Sheriff Skinner says they will return for a third day Friday morning.