Second Mellencamp brother surrenders in connection with July beating

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BLOOMINGTON – Hud Mellencamp, accused of beating up another man alongside his brother and friend, turned himself in Monday.

He’s the last person sought in connection with a July 29 incident in which police said 19-year-old Alex Bucy suffered facial fractures outside a home in the 1400 block of North Lincoln Street.

“My client seems to be doing fine. It’s yet to be determined the extent of the damage, but he seems to be doing fine,” said Betsy Greene, Bucy’s attorney.

Bucy’s friend, Chris Cain, said he and his buddies had a party at the home. Cain said Speck Mellencamp attended. While Speck Mellencamp told authorities someone punched him at the party, Qualters said no one reported that claim to authorities.

Qualters said Mellencamp’s brother, Hud, and a friend showed up at the home. That friend, Ty Smith, is the son of IU baseball coach Tracy Smith. Qualters said Bucy was not at the home when Speck Mellencamp claimed he was originally hit.

“Apparently, the three decided to return in an effort to seek some type of revenge, but it appears, our victim was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Qualters said.

“He’s lucky that all he suffered was just facial scratches and cuts and, fractured cheek bones,” Cain said. “All three of them just started beating and punching him and kicking him. They were passing his head around like it was a punching bag, all three of them just taking turns. All Alex could do was be in a defense mode.”

The Mellencamp brothers and Smith were charged with battery resulting in serious bodily injury. They have bonded out and are scheduled to appear in court Oct. 17 for pretrial hearings.

Greene would not comment specifically about the case.

“This is a sad event,” Greene said. “There’s nothing good about this for anybody involved—especially not my client—and we have faith in this community and in the justice system here and so, we’re not going to be making statements to the media or TV or trying this case in the media.”

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