“Secret Santas” spread joy and cash around Monument Circle

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A small group of “Secret Santas” brought several smiles by anonymously passing envelopes containing cash and cards Tuesday afternoon.

During the lunch hour, several people walking around Monument Circle were suddenly approached by at least four unidentified people who offered the plain white envelopes.

Inside each envelope was a $20 bill and a card which said, “If this money can help you, please use it as you wish.  If you don’t need it, feel free to pass it on and experience the joy of giving.  Merry Christmas.”

“It makes you feel good that somebody would want to do something like this,” said John Bartholomew, who works for the city’s Department of Metropolitan Development and was moved by the show of anonymous giving. “We need a story like this.”

Another man who received one of the envelopes agreed.

“It’s happy holidays, Merry Christmas, thank you very much.  And I pass on the wealth myself so it’s good,” he said.

Nobody could tell us who the Good Samaritans were.  However, several people told Fox59 they saw two men and two women carrying stacks of the envelopes.  They were handing them out to anyone who crossed their path.

There were also signs that the $20 gifts were already being passed along. Employees at the downtown Starbucks said a man had walked in and handed them a plain white envelope, which he had just been given outside. Bartholomew had also given his $20 to a woman at a nearby bank.

“And she goes, I’m depositing funds for my church’s food bank,” said Bartholomew. “And I said ‘Well, here’s $20 more for you.”

While it’s not clear who the people were, or whether they represent a local organization, it seems they may be turning this into an annual tradition.

Taylor Debaun, who works for the Columbia Club as a parking valet, told Fox59 he saw the same people handing out envelopes during Christmas season last year.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing,” Debaun said.  “It blesses a lot of people and gets them out there and sharing the Christmas spirit.”

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