Security guard accused of impersonating IMPD officer after getting upset with woman’s driving

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - An Indianapolis man is facing felony charges after being accused of impersonating a police officer.

Prosecutors claim the suspect, Kevin Brooks, worked as a security guard at an east side apartment complex when he got upset with the way a woman was driving. He then confronted her while acting like a police officer.

Prosecutors say the woman was driving around the apartment complex for several minutes, having trouble finding the right apartment while picking up her kids.

Court records claim that’s when a security guard drove up behind the woman with flashing lights and ordered her not to get out of the car.

Police say Brooks told the woman he was going to run her for warrants and he needed her driver’s license, then refused to give his full name.

The affidavit shows Brooks is facing multiple felony charges and is accused of confronting the woman wearing a Glock 22, along with a tactical armored vest and pepper spray.

He also allegedly had a radio tuned to IMPD’s North District channel and a black binder with police arrest forms.

“Anytime someone feels they’re confronted by an impersonator, they need to give 911 a call and dispatch a real officer,” said IMPD officer Jim Gillespie.

IMPD didn’t want to talk about this case because charges have been filed, but they’ve always said anytime people suspect they’re being confronted by a police impersonator, the best advice is to call 911 to verify the situation.

People can also ask to see an officer's ID or ask to call a supervisor to confirm the officer confronting them is legit.

“If you feel something’s not right, call 911 let us sort it out for you,” said Gillespie.

Court records claim that while Brooks worked for a security company at the time, “He had been previously warned not to stop or detain anyone because he was not authorized to do so.  That warning arose out of a previous complaint about Brooks’ behavior.”

Brooks was able to post bond and was released pending trial.

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