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PLYMOUTH, Ind. – Authorities say members of one Indiana community got quite the shock this week when an alligator was spotted in a local pond, WSBT reports.

Alligators certainly aren’t native to Indiana, but one sneaky reptile managed to set up camp in the northwest city of Plymouth.

Dubbed “Ali” by the Plymouth community, the alligator was spotted a few days ago when two teen boys noticed something eating all of their bait during a fishing trip to a local pond. Shocked by their discovery, the boys’ families quickly notified authorities.

Since then, what used to be a popular pond for fishing has turned into a major attraction for the city of Plymouth.

The hunt for Ali came to an end early this morning when Brandon Crawford, a seasoned alligator hunter, along with another man captured Ali using a frog to lure her to the shore.

Now that the alligator has been caught, a local couple with a special license to care for exotic animals plans to find Ali a home and send her to a zoo.

In an interview with WSBT, Dr. Betsy Culp with Seven Oaks veterinary Clinic says Ali probably escaped from her former owner. She says owning an alligator is risky, noting how unpredictable the animal can be. Alligators also have nutritional requirements that aren’t easily met in the northwest region of Indiana.

However, it’s not illegal to own one of these reptiles. You can own an alligator in Indiana as long as it’s less than five feet long.