INDIANAPOLIS — A pair of serial robbers have taken a plea deal after admitting to robbing multiple banks across Indianapolis.

Darius Davis and India Wilburn will both serve at least part of their sentences at the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Davis and Wilburn’s sentencing comes more than a year after the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reported that the duo robbed five banks in six weeks, including Chase Banks on West Washington Street, Shadeland Avenue, Castle Creek Parkway and Cunningham Road in Speedway.

Davis, who is 26 years old, faced four separate counts of robbery. He was given three years at the DOC and six years in community corrections on count one. Davis will participate in a work release program during his six years in community corrections. Jail credit of 168 days will also be factored into Davis’ sentence.

Davis received 4.5-year sentences for each of the other three robbery counts he faced. Those penalties, which will run concurrently, are due to begin after his nine-year, count-one sentence expires.

Davis’ 4.5-year sentence might be modified if he completes a DOC-authorized substance abuse program, per his sentencing order.

Wilburn faced five different robbery counts. She got a five-year sentence on count one. Wilburn will serve the first two years of the sentence at the DOC and the last three on home detention with a GPS. She received 204 days of jail credit toward her count-one sentence as part of the plea deal.

Wilburn received four separate four-year sentences for the other four counts of robbery she was charged with. Each of those sentences comes with a two-year suspension. The four-year penalties will all run concurrently and take effect when Wilburn’s count-one sentence ends.

Wilburn’s four-year sentence will be executed via home detention and GPS monitor.