Server arrested for stealing credit card numbers at restaurant

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 3, 2015)– Metro police arrested a server on the job at an east side restaurant after a customer caught her stealing credit card numbers with a small skimming device. Police took away 32-year-old Meirong Lin in handcuffs from the Teppanyaki Grill on E. Washington on Tuesday.

Officers were called when a customer, who did not want to be identified, noticed Lin took his card and another customer’s card and swiped it through a skimming device.

“She grabbed this little device out of her pocket. It was in the front part of her apron,” said the young man. “I watched her swipe their card and then she swiped mine and then put it back on her bill sleeve and put the thing back in her pocket. And then kinda just like looked around a little bit and then she went up front.”

The man immediately called 911. Police showed up and found the skimming device and arrested Lin.

Now they are reminding everyone to be alert especially if you plan to head out for this weekend’s Final Four events. The countless fans focused on having a good time can turn into a perfect target for thieves.

“People have devices. They have scanning things that they don’t even necessarily have to be right on your credit card. They can be in close proximity,” explained IMPD Officer Christopher Wilburn.

He recommended putting a protective sleeve over your credit card and keeping your credit card company’s telephone number on you in case you need to cancel the card right away.

A restaurant manager said it was Lin’s first day on the job and they plan to keep a closer eye on all their employees from now on.

“We’re gonna get on it now. We’re definitely gonna check everybody out,” said Paul Martir, a Teppanyaki Grill Manager.

For the customer who caught Lin in the act, it was his eyes and suspicion that saved him.

“I was just like noticing things around me and I mean my eyes were going everywhere,” he said. “If you’re going to go somewhere that you’re not really used to, watch them with your card. If I didn’t look back, I didn’t see her behind the water station sliding our cards, I would’ve never noticed.”

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