Indy service workers swamped with air conditioning calls

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Air conditioning repair companies across the city are reporting an increase in service calls as summer officially sets in.

HomeSense Heating and Cooling co-owner Brian Schutt said they are getting hundreds of calls a week and a lot of those issues are preventable.

“It’s not necessarily surprising,” said Schutt, who is trying to get customers to focus more on preventative care rather than waiting until a unit goes out to call for service. “They turn their system on for the first time and nothing happens how they expect it to.”

He recommends a few easy tips to make sure nothing is getting in the way of your system’s air flow making it work harder than it should.

“We always recommend changing filters quickly,” said Schutt. “It’s not just for during the heating season.”

You should also hose down the outside unit to keep it clean.

“Over time with older systems, you can see cottonwood start to stick to the outside of the system,” he explained. “With less air flow it tends to cause the system to heat up more, which then pulls more amps of electricity.”

If your AC unit is working, but taking too long to cool your home or you hear a funny noise, call a service company now before the unit breaks down completely.

“Much better to repair the small part on the front end of that sequence, then wait till all those dominoes fall and you’re looking at replacing an entire system.”

If you are looking for a reputable service company, Schutt recommends checking out the Heating and Air Conditioning Alliance of Indiana.

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