Several Central Indiana cities dig out of more than 30 inches of snow

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The communities of Bloomington, Martinsville and Greenwood were the hardest hit areas of the blizzard of 2012, with more than 30 inches of snow accumulation in those three cities combined.

Whether it was scraping the sidewalk, or clearing the highway, Hoosiers spent a large part of Wednesday digging out of the big storm. One local family pulled a double shift shoveling snow.

‪”It was probably five or six inches when we first shoveled it off,” said Stephen Slattery. “Then, we get back from Wal-Mart and it had snowed another five or six inches on top of it.”

Charlie Slattery, 3, said he loves the snow. However, his father does not share the same enthusiasm for the 12 and a half inches of powder that fell on his driveway.

‪”Aghh, it just drives you insane,”‬ said Slattery.

It was an equally frustrating day for Joe Kersey, whose drive from Indianapolis to Bloomington took an unexpected turn.

‪”It changed quick,” said Joe Kersey. “I left Indianapolis at 5:30 this morning and there was not a flake of snow at that point. Less than an hour later it was blizzard conditions.”‬

‪Kersey was not alone. Dozens of other cars were in a similar situation. They started going up the hill on State Highway 37, they had no traction so they had no other choice, they had to pull over to the shoulder, put their hazard lights on and wait for help.

As some were using four-wheelers to free their cars, some people used another mode of transportation; sledding down a large hill in Martinsville.

‪”It is pretty fast you have just got to avoid everyone else, and the trees,” said Ashley Krulik. “It is a lot of fun.”‬

Krulik’s trip took only seconds but Kersey’s commute is far from over.

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