Severe weather rips through Jackson County property

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ind. —A cleanup is underway at a Jackson County home after severe weather ripped apart the property Thursday afternoon.

It happened in the 4100 block of N 25 East. Thankfully, no one was home and everyone was okay.

“Then all of the sudden it just, rain just unloaded going sideways and it started to hail,” neighbor Greg Reedy said.

He had been watching the storm, but about 15-20 seconds later he said what happened to his neighbor’s property became visible.

“15 seconds of mayhem it’s amazing how much damage can happen,” he said.

A pole barn was ripped apart, leaving only a tilted wall. A grain bin was thrown across the way. Debris was scattered across the yard and into tree tops. A power line was brought down. A tree was torn out of the ground, and miraculously, missed the house on the property.

“Just be thankful for every second you have of the day because you never know what’s gonna happen,” said Michael Isaacs, who lives on the property.

Family, friends and neighbors quickly showed up to help clear the mess and move livestock from inside another barn. The animals were all okay.

“We’re all family out here and it’s just what you do to help each other out,” neighbor Alicia Reedy said.

Jackson County Emergency Management Director Duane Davis said at first he thought the damage could be from straight line winds.

“But now I’m hearing that there was some hail preceded this so I’m gonna coordinate with the National Weather Service, see if they think it might have been a weak tornado, but either way damage is damage,” Davis said.

He’s also reminding residents to be prepared for severe weather with spring around the corner.

“The biggest thing is to have a plan and know when to enact it. Go to your safe spot and move there quickly,” Davis said.

Further down the road some trees and an irrigation system blew over, but the damage was not widespread throughout the county.

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