Seymour man accused of forcing wife to sign sex slave contract


Photo courtesy of Jackson County Jail

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SEYMOUR, Ind. (Sept. 9, 2014) – An Indiana man is in jail and facing 38 charges after authorities say he forced his wife into sex slavery.

According to WAVE 3 NEWS, Kenneth Harden  imprisoned, sexually abused and tortured his wife – more than once in front of a child.

Harden’s wife said her husband never revealed himself to be this kind of man when she met him online last year through Craigslist.

WAVE reports that he told the woman he was a godly man, and they talked about the Bible and how much religion meant to them.

But soon after they wed, Harden told his wife he was a sadist, and what started as experimentation turned into abuse.

His wife said she would scream and cry for help, hoping a neighbor would hear and call police.

A man who lives below the couple, Tyler Davers, said “Yeah we could hear them fighting sometimes and we hear a lot of loud noises upstairs, but I never thought anything of it.”

Davers did notice something odd though – she always wore a leather collar.

“It was just a black strap and you could see where the hook is, where the chain could go. She would wear up there at the bus stop and she wore it everywhere she went.”

The collar was all part of a sex slave contract prosecutors say Harden enforced every day.

According to The Huffington Post, police found a binder in the home labeled “Slave Manual 2014,” inside of which was an elaborate 11-page set of “rules” and “punishments.”

Cops say both Harden and his wife signed the document, but the woman told police he made her do it by threatening to leave her if she did not.

Prosecutors say he would force her into head and hands into a wooden box, and there were times he would duct tape her and tie her up all day.

The Huffington Post also reports that Harden abused his wife in other ways, including choking her until she was unconscious, and abusing her with a collection of sex toys called his “bag of torture.”

Police thankfully found the woman after they responded to a report of a “domestic situation” at the couple’s home in Seymour late last month.

They found the woman crying, covered in cigarette burns.

Harden is accused of 38 counts of rape, battery and criminal confinement.

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