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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – There's a new app on the market, that's all about sharing!  It's called Viy.

“Viy, which rhymes with buy, is an opt-in platform. So it's not about can I borrow something, it’s about we all have things and lets equally opt-in to share,” said Brian Phillips, CEO VIY.

Brian Phillips is the Indianapolis app creator. He came up with the Viy app idea some years ago and recently got it added to the Apple App Store.

It's a simple app to set up and use. You download the free app, send invitations to people you want to share stuff with, and then put whatever items you want to share into the app. Those items can also be organized into what they call “Divvies.”  Divvies are an offshoot of the word “divide” because you don't have to share everything in your app with everyone.

“It's interesting because I can create a camping Divvy with a different group of people and only choose to share a few select camping items I have with them.

Maybe it’s something that’s very important to me that I would only share with really close friends and family,” said Amy Burklow, Viy user.

The Viy app is not just about sharing something with someone who may live close to you. It’s more about trust. You share with people you know well.

When a user wants to borrow an item, they send a request via the app, then mutually agree on the length of the loan, and do the exchange.

“We have a lot of camping stuff that others don't have. We have a big pop up, a camp kitchen, a pretty big tent. These are all things that we would share with our friends so maybe they don't have to buy those items and they don’t have to store them either,” said Burklow.

Viy can work for anything you want to share, camping equipment, yard tools, maternity wear, clothes, vinyl records, video games, almost anything.

The Viy app, also tallies up how much you've saved by not buying something you can share, and not having to store it.

“When I open the app, I can see all the total shares in my network.  So anyone I'm connected with and currently sharing with, knows we’ve recently saved $200 and saved more than 15 feet of cubic storage by Viying, instead of buying,” said Burklow.

If an item is greyed out on the Viy app, you know it's borrowed, and you know when it’s going to be returned. Another added bonus of Viy is it can reduce the discomfort that sometimes comes with asking to borrow something.

“It just takes a couple of simple clicks. And any time I want to quickly add an item, the app just takes me right to that page. I can also add a new person to Viy,” said Burklow.

The creators of the app say, they want to redefine consumerism and help reduce the billions of dollars spent every year.

“It’s very simple. We want to give people the options of what to buy and what to Viy,” said Phillips.

For a quick tutorial of how the app works, the app creators have a link to show exactly how people can Viy.

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